Project Uncover



It was revealed at the end Cerita Benar Music Video (Youtube), the location used for the shooting has historical value, which was covered in the pilot episode of Project Uncover.

Project Uncover is a mini-documentary project that revolves around historical buildings and the issue of under-utilization of such buildings. Project Uncover brings a taste of music, art, technology, and design as an approach in how to tackle issues surrounding under-utilized historical buildings

Show Credits

Caesario Barkah

Music Composer
Bintang Olii

Rheza Arden Wiguna

Video Mapping Artist
Ady Setyawan
Rafico Lingga

Andria Priscilla Langi

Offline Editor
Fikri Rahim

Online Editor
Gentha Yoma Putra
Ady Setyawan

Camera Person
Dini Aristya Wulandari
Fikri Muhammad Rahim



Havie ‘ Laze’ Prakasya
Ayub Jonn
Aji Bimarsono (Bandung Heritage)
Fikri Rahim

Voice Over
Andria Priscilla Langi